FREE to ME: Armoire
It pays to have a realtor friend- this lovely lady was selling her home and had several pieces she was ready to part with!! So I started with a good stripping and sanding of the top- stain it, seal it and move onto painting the base. Top drawers will get the same sand/stain treatment to match the top. Base will be white with new hardware. Now I need to come up with a name for her.... stay tuned for the big reveal!
Found: Barrel Cane Chairs
My good friend found these and kindly passed them along to me. The cane is in perfect condition. Chairs have been reupholstered once, a while ago. Some pieces I just cannot paint. They will get a nice scrubbing with Hemp Oil then the seats will get some fabulous new fabric!
Meet Bruce
 I asked my son what to name him and he looked over his shoulder and said, "Bruce". This happens to be my father's name, so this one is for you dad. I am keeping lots of the wood- so far I sanded it down and conditioned it. .
Painted part of him in MMSMP and then sealed the whole thing in hemp oil. Found a perfect chair to go with him! 
Farmhouse Pedestal table and chairs
Originally I picked this table up for myself but it was smaller than I wanted for my eat-in-kitchen area and not a very interesting base. I would love to do something fun to it but I really need it out of my garage so I will play it safe and give it the trusted "farmhouse look" with white paint. I may mix it up a tiny bit and paint the pedestal Paris Gray as well as two rungs on the back of the chairs....even have a name in mind be continued.
Found on Roadside
Yep- she was just laying there with her drawers all strewn about....I gathered her up and took her home. Few strips of wood to replace all her drawer slides and she is ready for her make-over. So many ideas including a name but you will have to stay tuned...
Meet Cosette- transformed with several coats of AS Paris Gray then sealed with a topcoat and a set of glass knobs! 
Big RED cubby
Could name this beast Clifford except it will not be red when I get done with it!
May I present, Angus....back in black and already sold!
Apothecary cabinet- or is it?
Actually, it is 3 full drawers made to look like clever! Went through several sanding pads to get that shine what to do, what to do??
Meet Apothe-Cary Grant. He went into the shop briefly but I snagged him back. I really like him!!
I was the first of MANY to inquire about this piece. Not sure of the age but given the "patina" and construction, it's pretty old...this will be a beast to clean and I am unsure exactly what I will do with it but for now, swoon.
Benny and Joon
Plan to do something quirky and fun with these chairs and sell them together (if I can bear to part with them) so many ideas, so many projects! (on Joon I am currently stripping off the coat of white paint someone haphazardly slapped on....kinda digging what's underneath!)